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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Neem plant Medicinal Uses Tamil Herbal Cure

Neem plant Medicinal Uses Tamil Herbal Cure
This is the information about neem plant medicinal uses Herbal Cure. Neem leaves carry amazing medicinal properties. These leaves also can be consumed to cure internal problems. Here is the information about neem plant medicinal properties. Neem tree medicinal uses in Tamil is called veppamaram. Following are some of the medicinal benefits of neem leaves:

1.   Neem cure for scabies and eczema: Neem leaves paste is very beneficial for many skin related problems like scabies, eczema etc. Add neem leaves in your bathing water to stay away from sin infections and sweat odour.

2.   Neem cure for chickenpox: Chickenpox can be cured with help of neem leaves. The skin irritation and itching reduced by applying neem leaves paste of juice.

3.   Some people always feel like hungry. They eat more and become fat. Best natural medicine to reduce hunger is by swallowing neem leaves paste or taking with brown rice.

4.   Excessive thirst gets treated with consumption of neem juice.

5.   Neem cure for pimples: Grind neem leaves along with turmeric and use this paste to get rid of pimples, acne, many types or skin infections and swellings.

6.   Neem cure for HIV: Recent analyses have proved that neem leaves can be useful against HIV infection and also in the cure of AIDS.

7.   Neem birth control: Neem leaves extract is used as the cheapest and the best birth controlling remedy for both men and women.

8.   Neem cure for Cancer: Last many years ayurveda uses neem leaves in curing tumour and other types of cancer.

9.   Does neem cure gum disease? Neem twigs are used as tooth brushes. Neem twigs carries antiseptic properties which are useful in dental cleanliness. Many people prefer neem powder to brush the teeth and massage gums. This powder is very useful in curing bleeding gums and bad breathe.

10.        Neem cure for diabetes: Diabetes is fast growing disease now days. This disease damages nerves and kidney. It also affects blood vessels. Neem leaves extract work as stimulant and rejuvenator. Patients of diabetes are advised to consume neem juice morning before taking any other food. Neem juice reduces insulin necessity in body and also reduces blood glucose. Patient can mark the remarkable relief within 3-4 months after starting neem medication.

11.        Other neem cures diseases: High cholesterol, blood clots and high blood pressure are the main causes of heart attack. Neem leaves fight against this deadly health problem. Neem Leaves juice reduce BP and reduces LDL in the blood.

12.        Does neem cure Malaria: Neem leaves are effective in treating disease like malaria. The extract of the leaves reduces the growth of the infection and virus of malaria. It increases oxidation in blood cells, which builds up the immunity. Irodin is the major property in neem leaves which proves noxious for defiant damages caused by malaria.

13.        Neem juice is useful in reducing anxiety and stress.

14.        Is neem good for gastritis?: Neem leaves extract lessens problem of gastric and many other digestive and stomach related problems.  The regular consumption of leaves keep away many health issues.

15.        Neem for arthritis: The anti-inflammatory property of neem leaves helps to reduce the inflammation on joint pains. Thus neem is used in treatment of Arthritis.

16.        Neem juice for vitiligo: Vitiligo leads to patches on skin or discolouring of skin. Neem leaves juice can be very much effective in this condition if consumed regularly.

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