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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Gastric Problem Solution and Tips

Gastric Problem Solution Tips in Tamil
This is the posting of tamil medicine for gastric Problem Solution and tips in Tamil medicinal plants and herbal cure. Gas problems can be caused because of many things, such as eating over hot and spicy food, consuming excess alcohol, tension or stress or many types of digestive disorders. Gastric trouble can lead a person burning sensation in chest and surrounding area, internal sensation of pain in the digestive area, vomit sensation and headache. Gastric problem tamil medicines are very effective to cure the disease.
is gastric problem hereditary?
The possibilities are there but you can get cure by proper food habit.
Vairu porumbal is the term meaning for gastric problem in tamil language.
iraippai pu is the term for gastric ulcer in tamil.

Gastric Problem Solution in Tamil Maruthuvam
Following are some of the easy home remedies to cure gastric problem:
Tamil medicine for gastric Problem
1.   As everyone knows soda is the best cure for gastric problem. When it bottle soda or powders like ENO are not available, just mix a pinch of baking soda in water along with lemon juice. This can reduce the gastric attack instantly.
2.   Drinking warm water with few drops of fresh lemon save you from severe gastric problem.
3.   Chilled milk or butter milk work effectively to reduce the burning sensation in gastric problem.
4.   Raw onion and onion extract is one of the best tamil medicine for gastritis get soothing effect in gastric trouble.
5.   Asafoetida is works better to get rid of acidity problem. Mix asafoetida powder and lemon extract in a glass of warm water and it will show positive effect within no time. It is famous grandma treatment of applying asafoetida pate on stomach around naval area to get instant relief from gastric problem.

Gastric Problem Solution Tips in Tamil
1.   Potato juice also can be beneficial in reducing the effect of gastric trouble.
2.   Cinnamon is best option which is available in our kitchen for the treatment of gas problem. Put some cinnamon in boiling water and keep it for cooling after cooling filter and consume this water to get rid of gas trouble. Cinnamon carries anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce inflammation and reduces gas development in stomach. You can add cinnamon powder in chilled milk also to get relief from acidity.
3.   Pudina or generally known as mint leaves can reduce the inflammation in gastric problem. Many people prefer to use mint leaves regularly in their food intake to prevent gastric infection and many other stomach related problems. Mint leaves control the gas formation and thus treats the acidity.
4.   Take some tender guava leaves and boil for five to ten minutes by adding clean water. Consume that water after cooling to get help in gas trouble.
5.   Fennel leaves or fennel seeds, called in Tamil (saunf) is easy way to control acidity quickly. Therefore many people prefer chewing fennel seeds after a heavy meal.
6.    Ginger is the first and the best home cure for gastric problem. Ginger prevents indigestion. Chewing fresh ginger, putting ginger powder in your tea or food can control the gas development in body.

 Gas trouble Treatment Tamil Siddha Tips
Along with these quick and easy home remedies, it is necessary to make some necessary changes in your daily routine such as:
·         Avoid intake of excessive spicy food.
·         Drink plenty of water daily.
·         Exercise is compulsory for gastric patients.
·         Chew your food properly
·         Do not sleep immediately after taking meals.

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